Tuesday, 16 March 2010

HONDA continued

3) Initial sketchbook work, working out the electric and petrol characters.
4) Working them up into vectors, I liked the size difference between the large petrol man, big and strong holding up the placeholder engine and the petite electric lady simply switching on the electricity.

5) Client doesn't want to show a large petrol character, wanting them both the same size as to show no bias between the 2 technologies, I also had to drop the engine and go back to a petrol pump hose typography style.
6) Introduction of battery icon and refinement of type with the two characters in harmony smiling at each other plus a pigeon.
7) Car reference
8) First DPS, using the language of the in car display. Following the copy and direction of the client, each point is explained with the arrow joining the illustration together.
9) Continued working drawing. I like to work on the PDF layout sent by the client and fit the illustration in the space.
10) Client feedback scan, marked with comments.
11) Taking on board the comments, introducing a stop sign and arcing the journey back round.
12) Continued working drawing sent to client.
13) Detail sent to client with revised 14) showing the electric lady recharging with a power juice.
15) Final image sent for final approval. Small amendments made to this included changing the colour of the ladies face to differentiate here form the petrol man and altering the badges on there lab coats. I prefer the characters both having red faces as seen here.